Q: What benefit does a Private Charter have over the big dive boats?
A: If you have dove the big boats you know dealing with that volume of people can be a real pain.
Also, snorkelers and divers often are not very compatible in large numbers.
On our boat, you have one on one interaction with the Captain, Divemaster or Instructor.
All of your questions are answered, and your safety is never overlooked.

Q: What if we don't want to spend the money on a private charter, who do you recommend?
A: We recommend the following local dive shops in this order:

1) Strike Zone 305-872-9863
2) Bahia Honda State Park for snorkeling 305-872-3210

Q: What are your favorite dive spots in the Keys?
Unquestionably Looe Key is one of the nicest reefs in the US and most of our international guests have said it rates in their top 3.
The Busch wreck is a great wreck dive that is perfect for beginners.  It is a easy, safe wreck dive.
The Vandenberg is awesome, but you have to hit it on the right day. Currents can be brutal.
American Shoal, Sombrero Light, the Sambos, and Western Dry Rocks are all nice.

Q: Do you recommend three tank dives?
A: In most cases NO. Most divers from out of the area have not dove much in the past few months or years.
We all know diving can be exhausting and 3 tanks is too much for 90% of divers.
We feel this is especially dangerous on the big boats where you do not receive individual attention.
DO NOT PUSH IT to get the most bang for your buck!

more faq coming soon...
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